Research Project Fe-NANOSIT

Innovative Purification Technologies

The research project Fe-Nanosit is a cooperation of four research institutes and three partners from industry designed to develop new purification technologies based on reactive nanoparticles and nano-composite structures specifically for contaminated groundwater and industrial waste water.




In terms of waste water purification, the plan is to develop magnetic nano-catalysts which after the reaction may be removed completely from the purified water. Due to its high reactivity and simple application, this technology is to replace today's energy-consuming waste water treatment systems or respectively upgrade conventional purification plants.


In terms of groundwater purification the nano-sized Fe is to be replaced by micro-active carbon (Carbo-Iron) designed to act as a permeable reactive barrier in the aquifer. A thus higher mobility of the reagent in the aquifer and a higher wettability is to minimize the cost of remediation measures in the field of halogen-organic contaminants.


Irrespective of the development of custom-made nano particles and application engineering, the focus of the project is put on a substantial risk assessment that in addition to the development of analytical methods also comprises eco-toxicological investigations and risk evaluation.


Construction, realisation and testing

uviblox®-Technology is involved in the development of the nano-photocatalysts and the devices designed to precipitate the nano particles, including design and construction of the reactors as well as the testing of the products both on laboratory-scale and in pilot plant scale.


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