The Company


uviblox®- Technology:

Systems for the purification of industrial exhaust gas and waste water

The trade mark uviblox® represents all activities concerning the purification of water and gas in the IBL Umwelt- und Biotechnik GmbH Process Technology Department. Its cornerstones are the systems for the purification of industrial waste gas (VOC, odor) as well as process- and waste water. Our business field is the construction of modules for standard applications (series production) as well as the development and realisation of individually shaped solutions.


An experienced team, efficient production facilities, laboratories and pilot plant stations provide for all necessary services comprising initial consultation, laboratory- and pilot testing, dimensioning, plant engineering and construction, initial operation and operation monitoring. Due to a constant knowledge exchange with universities, research institutes and experts we continuously refine our products and also take part in Research & Development Projects.


There is growing demand for forward-looking solutions and innovative systems engineering. This is why we are acting internationally, supported by regional cooperation partners.


IBL Umwelt- und Biotechnik GmbH as a service provider of technology for the removal of environmental pollutants is active on the market since 1984. In addition to the purification of water and gas by photooxidation (uviblox®) we offer biological remediation systems.